03 Mar

Too much of a good thing? 4 ways you're doing cardio wrong

Does your exercise routine live and die by the treadmill? Does your workout consist of an hour on the elliptical? While you can't ignore the positive impact aerobic exercise has on your health, it may not be the dream weight-loss solution you hope fo...

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02 Mar

Eating Fish Safely

The popularity of eating more fish has increased in the last few years. Some want to even eat it everyday. Is it safe? What about mercury and other chemicals in our environment that get into our seafood? ...

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01 Mar

5 reasons to make a career in fitness

Imagine waking up early on a Monday morning with a smile on your face. You’re excited to get the week started because you love what you do. ...

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03 Mar

New Considerations for People with Chronic Pain

Do-it-yourself projects can be fraught with unexpected challenges, but for Joseph Getz, a bathroom remodel aggravated existing back issues and caused unbearable pain. ...

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