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Life and Spirit Online Now Reaching 60 Countries!

Life and Spirit Online is Nazca Network’s first virtual media channel that supplies a positive outlet for visitors. With content ranging from finance to politics to health and spirituality, it’s clear why Life and Spirit Online is great for the Mind Body and Soul! Our audience has now grown to listeners in over 60 countries around […]

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Live Healthy with Good Day, Good Health!

Good Day, Good Health! Good Day, Good Health! is a new TV/Web portal created to focus on ways to improve quality of life through education in the areas of medicine, fitness, nutrition and mental well being. This program is an interactive form of media allowing viewers to participate by providing their experiences to help others. […]

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USALA Radio is Your Voice, Your Radio

USALA Media is a non-partisan media center founded in 2017, with the foresight of providing a culturally inclusive multimedia center. USALA recognize that Latinos need a prominent and influential platform to promote their interest and oppose further marginalization and deficits in Latino leadership. Subsequently, the genesis of USALA was birthed to bridge the leadership vacuum […]

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Patty Jackson speaks about stress and her stroke experience

On this episode of Good Day, Good Health! we attend the Healthier You Conference created by Kristen Ball Motley. Where radio host Patty Jackson talks candidly about her stress and how it was a contributing factor to her stroke.

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