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Let Nazca Create Your Own TV Channel

Written by on November 18, 2018

Traditional television is fading fast. Today’s consumers want total control over the content they view, and streaming boxes and services such as Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU) are making this possible.

In addition to providing content from broadcast TV and movie studios, Roku lets your small business create a TV channel. If television channel development sounds out of the realm of possibilities for your company, you can thank digital technology for making it happen. 

So What is Roku?

Roku has a product line which lets you connect your TV to the internet to access a wide range of content. It includes set-top boxes, streaming USB sticks, smartTV, and 3M streaming projector.

While the product line may seem limited, where Roku shines is in the content department. There are literally thousands of “Channels” created by everyone from major TV and movie studios to big brands, small businesses, and individuals.

With 22 million users, it delivers a paying customer base your small business can access to grow its brand. 

Should Your Small Business Create a Channel on Roku?

The answer will depend greatly on the type industry your business is in. If you are in the entertainment field in any of its facets, it will definitely help. But it doesn’t stop there. You can develop a channel no matter what industry you are in to educate and attract new customers.