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Book of Dad Radio Show – Guest David Solomon

No race or nation of people has endured and persevered more than the African American Negro. History is full of examples of groundbreaking, quality of life-shaping contributions conceived and implemented by African Americans, contributions that span every field of human endeavor. All were and continue to be done in the face of and, in spite of severe opposition and obstacles. It’s all about achievement and progress.

As we acknowledge and celebrate African Americans during Black History Month, who better to discuss it with than “” Guru, David Solomon? Listen in as Dr. B and Eddy G commemorate and discuss the contributions of African Americans with David Solomon. We identify innovations within industries from individuals whose efforts have placed us where we are today. Are we where we could be? We most certainly are in a better place than we were. Be sure to join us for the acknowledgment and celebration; Happy Black History Month from The Book of Dad Radio Show!