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Guest – Carol Riddick

The term renaissance is often used to describe art and literature under the influence of classical 14th -16th-century models. However, Dr. B and Eddy Gee;  we merely refer to it as visiting or performing in various areas to include dance, music, and art with a mindset of individuality, and self-reflection that leads to a product that only one person can produce for themselves.

Further, the beauty in this is when the “product” is well received by others, and even more, product is anticipated abroad.  Today we chat with a contemporary renaissance woman, the talented singer Carol Reddic. Please join us as we hobnob with a voice for the ages whose credits and collaborations are with a virtual “who’s who” in the music industry.

Carol also shares her life coaching strategies, as well as her use of a static activity to balance out her very active lifestyle- be sure to listen in!